Can I add more than 150 locations to a route?

Category: Route Planning

150 locations is the route limit with inRoute Pro. However, you can save multiple routes, each with up to 150 locations. If you can break up your trip by region, day, etc., you can save trips of any size.

  1. Save the first route with up to 150 locations using the “Save” button under the map’s More icon (on Mac, the File menu). Optionally, note the Arrival Time of the route (under the Turns list, last row); to keep timing accurate between multiple routes, you may want to use this as the Departure Time for the next route. 
  2. Clear the route: map’s More icon (on Mac, the File menu), then “Clear/New”, then “Remove Route”. 
  3. Add the next set of up to 150 locations to a route, and optionally set your new Departure Time either from step 1 or based on the new day of travel.

When complete, repeat the save/clear procedure above for any further routes needed for your trip. Routes are saved to Favorites. When loading a route from Favorites you can choose to leave the previous route’s pins on the map, but only up to 150 at a time will show an active route.

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