How are time zones accounted for?

Category: Route Planning

You can set departure times for your route and for its waypoints under the Route button. By default, the route’s departure time uses the time zone at the route’s Start pin. You can instead use a different time zone by tapping the “Time Zone” button shown when setting the route’s departure time.

Waypoint departure times can be set by tapping a waypoint in the list, then the “Leave at” tab, and these also use the time zone at that waypoint’s location. For example, setting a “Leave at” time of 07:00 means you plan to depart from the waypoint at 07:00 local time. To make planning across time zones easier, the time in the route’s departure time is also shown when setting the time for a single waypoint. 

Calculated arrival/departure times for the route are shown under the Turns button, or on the map by showing a pin’s details. By default, arrival/departure times are shown in local time zones for each route location. At the top of the list, a “Time Zone” button allows changing these times to use the route’s departure time zone instead.

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