How can I navigate routes?

Category: Navigation

Voice guided turn-by-turn navigation is available on iOS, within inRoute or with external GPS devices and apps. The easiest option to start voice guided navigation is with the “Go” button. With inRoute Pro, the “Go” button includes a check for severe weather alerts along your route anytime you start or resume navigation. You can also transfer routes to other navigation apps or GPS devices, and sending places one-by-one to Apple/Google Maps is available in the free app version:

  • Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze: While these apps don’t natively support routes with up to 150 locations, using inRoute’s Agenda Nav feature (map’s Share icon > External Navigation), the first leg of your route will be sent for navigation, then at each stop in your route inRoute will show a notification that when tapped will load the next stop in your route, all without needing to return to inRoute. To access the Notifications, swipe down from the top-left of your unlocked screen. Finally, you can also return to inRoute where you’ll find buttons for sending a location again, or skipping a location (if not showing they are under the Turns button). 
  • Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze: Show the map pin’s details (tap its Name/ETA popup), then tap the Share icon from the top toolbar and select “Show in…” to transfer the place to an available app. 
  • GPS devices: Many standalone GPS devices, e.g. those from Garmin, support importing routes from .GPX files that inRoute generates. To create a .GPX file, tap the map’s Share icon (on Mac, the File menu), then “Export GPX to…”.