How can I plan a daytime only route, or travel a certain number of miles/hours per day?

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To drive a certain number of miles or hours per day (e.g. 8 hours), you can plan your stops by searching the route in intervals. To search the entire route every 8 hours, tap the “Search” button, then tap “Type”, and select “Route, at Interval”. Choose 8 hours and select OK. Enter “hotels” or “campgrounds” or other categories into the search field, and a search will begin every 8 hours along your route (some intervals may not contain a search result, but we’ll fill those in below). In the search results list, you can then add the places you want to the map.

To set a place as an overnight stop (e.g. leave at 7 am), first add the pin to your route by setting it as a WayPt. Then, tap the Route button, tap the waypoint in the list, and set a “Leave at…” layover of 7 am (no “full days” should be added to leave the next morning).

If there were any gaps in the search results, you can use one of the other route search options. For example, the “Route from selected pin” search type performs just one search X hours from a pin in your route, so you can easily vary the interval to find a nearby interval that does have search results. First, tap the route pin on the map before the search gap (e.g. if there was a gap after the 3rd waypoint, select the 3rd waypoint on the map), then use the search “Type” button to select “Route from selected pin”. Change the search by +/- 0.5 hours (7.5, 8.5, etc.) or more as needed to find search results, repeating the search to find additional places near the gap along the route. See below for additional options.

Additional options

You can also find places to stop near a particular time (or near sunset) using inRoute’s charts. Tap the “Distance/Time” label at the bottom to switch to viewing a chart against time. Sunset markers are shown on the chart and, as with any point on the charts, they can be tapped to briefly flash that point along the route on the map so you know where the time occurs. Zoom in on the chart near the time you wish to stop and the map will adjust to show that same area (or vice versa, zooming in on the map). Then tap the search field and select the “Route shown” or “Map” options and enter a search for “hotels”, “campgrounds”, etc, to find places to stay overnight.