How can I quickly add waypoints without recalculating the route?

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There are a few options to more quickly add locations to a route:

  • Draw icon: Instead of adding each pin/address to the map and immediately setting it as a waypoint, just add each pin to the map only. When you’re done adding the pins to the map (blue pins by default), then tap the Draw icon at the lower-right of the map, circle all the blue pins on the map with your finger, and tap “Add to route” from the 3-dots icon at the top-right. All the pins will be set as waypoints at once.
  • Uncheck Start/Destination: inRoute only calculates a route if you have at least a Start and a Destination pin set with the map’s pins. Unchecking one of those, for example the red Destination pin, while adding/removing waypoints will avoid recalculating the route with each change.
  • Import from a spreadsheet: You can enter a list of addresses into a spreadsheet and import them all at once. During import, a route will automatically be created. See Can I import from files or other apps? for more details

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