How can I show/create alternate routes?

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There are three options for showing alternate routes:
1) Standard Avoidance/Custom Routes: To show routes avoiding certain criteria or to show custom routes by weather, elevation or curviness, tap the Route button, then “Route Profile”. Avoidance options are shown at the top, along with an option to use those avoidances for all routes (enabled by default). Custom Routes are shown below. Custom Routes initially appear as grey lines on the map and are not active. You must select the route’s label or the grey route line on the map to activate it, changing it to a blue line. The images shown for each Custom Route type are also used for the route’s label on the map (where total route time and distance is shown).

2) Customize Routes with the ALT Button: You can create your own custom route from available alternates for each leg by tapping the ALT button on the green Start pin (or any route pin). After selecting an alternate (if available), tap the “Next” button and repeat for the next leg, building up your route. Alternates can be compared by their leg label, which in addition to showing time and distance for that leg, also show images corresponding to any of the standard Custom Routes that the leg is included in. For example, the images can tell you which of the alternate legs has the Least Elevation Ascent or the Most Curvy roads, if you have these “Custom Route” types enabled.

3) Customize Routes by Dropping Pins: Custom routes and user-specified alternates (the ALT button) may not include the route you want. If you prefer a different alternate than those available, you can drop a pin to force the route along your preferred road. To drop a pin on your preferred road, press and hold on the map. You can press and hold on dropped pins (purple) to drag them and place them precisley along your preferred road (the pin drops exactly where the sharp end of the pin is located when you release it). Finally, add the pin to your route by setting its Waypoint checkbox.Using data charts 

You can also compare alternate legs with inRoute’s charts by Curviness, Elevation, or Weather. Each chart’s Info button shows the chart’s Max/Min/Average (as well as Ascent/Descent for the Elevation chart). Note that when you first show a leg’s alternates (e.g. with the ALT button), the range of the chart’s x-axis will also show that leg only, allowing detailed comparisons of legs (using the “Range Shown” section of the Info statistics).