How can I use Siri with inRoute?

Category: Navigation

You can use Siri to start/end routes, skip waypoints, load saved routes and pins, and more. You can configure the command to use with Siri using the Shortcuts app, or by tapping the More button, then “Siri Shortcuts”. Once enabled, the default commands are as follows:

  • Start Current Route: “Hey Siri, Start route”
  • Skip a Waypoint: “Hey Siri, Skip waypoint”
  • End Current Route: “Hey Siri, End route”
  • Repeat Instruction: “Hey Siri, Repeat instruction”
  • What’s My ETA: “Hey Siri, What’s My ETA?”
  • Load saved pin/route: “Hey Siri, Restore Favorite”

The ability to use “Hey Siri” depends on your device’s settings (Settings app > Siri and Search). Instead of activating Siri with “Hey Siri”, you can also hold the side button (or home button) to activate Siri.

When using the “Go” button to resume navigation along a route, inRoute offers a dialog to choose which waypoint you want to resume towards. However, using Siri to start a route will automatically choose what it believes is the next waypoint in your route, so that no interaction with the screen is required. Should it choose a different waypoint than you prefer, you can use Siri to skip to the correct waypoint.

When using Siri to load from your Favorites, any routes or pins that you have saved can be loaded (e.g. those saved with the map’s More button > Save).

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