How do I search along routes for points of interest?

Category: Route Planning

To search along a route, first make sure there’s a blue route line showing on the map (i.e., at least a Start pin and a Dest. pin need to be set with the map’s pins). Then, tap the Search button, then “Type”, and you’ll see three “Route” options (Route Shown, “Route, at interval”, “Route, from selected pin”).

For example,

  • Find gas stops every 200 miles: choose “Route, at interval”, select 200, tap OK, and type “gas”.
  • Find hotels 8 hours from home (or from any route pin): similar to above, but first select a pin on the map, then choose “Route, from selected pin” and enter “hotels” into the search field. Tip: After adding a hotel to your route, set an overnight layover with the Route button, then tap the waypoint and set a “Leave at…” layover.
  • Find all charging stations along a route: Choose “Route Shown” and type “EV Chargers” or “Supercharging” into the search field. After adding results to the map, you can estimate distances or times along the route by selecting the “Charts” button. Tapping above the distance or time you’re interested in (inside the chart area) will briefly flash a circle on the map at that point (the value inside the circle is the vertical value on the chart).

Note: Searching a route can lead to many blue pins on the map. To remove them all, tap the map’s More icon (on Mac, the File menu), then “Clear/New” and use the “Remove Non-Route Pins” option. Or, remove specific pins with the map’s Draw icon, then draw around them and use the “Remove from map” option (top-right 3-dots icon).