How do I search along routes for points of interest?

Category: Route Planning

To search along a route, first make sure there’s a blue route line showing on the map (i.e., at least a Start pin and a Destination pin need to be set using the map’s pins). Then, tap the Search button, and several predefined route search options will be shown. 

Note: When you perform a route search, an option to “Add all places to the map” will appear at the top of the search results. Once added to your map, you can choose the pins you want to add to your route, and remove the rest using the 3-dots icon next to the “Add all places to the map” option. Other options to remove several non-route pins from the map at once include the map’s Draw button, or the “Clear/New” option (under “More” on iOS, or in the “File” menu on macOS).

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