How do I see the time and distance between route places?

Category: Route Planning

You can view times and distances for each place or for all places at once:

For each place:

  • Tap any route pin on the map, then tap the popup (that shows name/ETA) to show the pin’s details. The “progress” row shows the time and distance from the Start pin (or from your current location while navigating), as well as the time and distance to the next route place.
  • Or, tap the ALT button on any route pin and the time and distance to the next route pin will show on the route’s label. The ALT button is available for driving routes only, and shows available alternates for the leg (one route pin to the next). 

For all places at once:

  • Tap the Turns button. To show only the times and distances and hide the individual turn-by-turn instructions, tap the “Hide Steps” button. This information is also included when a route is shared by email or printed (see below).

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