What features are available with in-app navigation (the “Go” button)?

Category: Navigation

Key features:

  • Voice guided navigation of multi-location routes (up to 150 locations with inRoute Pro)
  • Severe weather detection ahead on route, every time you begin or resume navigation (currently USA, Canada, Iceland, EU and Israel)
  • Navigate inRoute’s custom routes (choosing from alternates available on each leg of a route)
  • Resume navigation anywhere along a route
  • Real-time ETA for each route location
  • Off route recalculation
  • Skip button to skip next route location
  • View charts showing elevation, weather conditions, or curviness as you proceed through a route
  • Compatible with Bluetooth headsets. Voice notifications continue in the background or with the screen off.
  • Designate Waypoints as Vias so they are not announced during navigation for minimal distraction.
  • North Up or Track Up modes, Standard or Hybrid Satellite map types