Why are my routes not syncing between devices?

Category: Route Planning
  1. The sync between devices includes saved routes and pins stored in your Favorites. In order to sync the current route and pins on the map, first save them by tapping the map’s More button (on Mac, the File menu), then “Save”.
  2. A green checkmark and “Favorites Sync Enabled” should appear at the top of your Favorites on the devices you’re trying to sync. If not, additional information may show in that location about any problems your devices are having connecting to iCloud.
  3. There is a blue progress bar that appears at the top of the Favorites screen when iCloud is syncing changes that helps identify when iCloud has started uploading or downloading your changes. iCloud should start uploading changes you make within about 30-45 seconds.
  4. Restarting both devices can help with unexpected iCloud problems.
  5. Both devices need to be using the same Apple ID for iCloud in the Settings app > [your name], then your iCloud Apple ID is at the top.
  6. In your Settings app > [your name] > iCloud, “inRoute” needs to be enabled in the app list. Also, “iCloud Drive” needs to be enabled (above the 3rd party app list).